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About us

We provide services in the field of spatial planning to municipalities, developers and research.

Local development plans

Our activities are focused on local development plans and their management / procurement.

Masterplans of urban structures

We transform visions and investment decisions of municipalities and developers into detailed masterplans / urban studies, regulation plans.

Projects in public spaces

We assist in regeneration of city centres. Our portfolio includes construction projects of public spaces, squares, roads, playgrounds, revitalisation of public greenery.

Strategic urban planning

In addition to the comprehensive development strategies, we also work on sectoral strategies (housing, green infrastructure, sustainable transport).


Our company is a reliable partner in research projects in the field of urban related research.

Consulting services

We provide consulting services for municipalities and developers in the field of spatial development and planning.

Local development plans

Land-use plans of towns and cities - in GIS mapping


Detailed masterplans, urban studies, regulation plans

Strategic urban planning

Comprehensive urban development strategies, sectoral strategies and concepts (housing, green infrastructure, sustainable transport)